As director and producer, Kevin has been fortunate to be able to combine his two greatest passions -- filmmaking and history. 

For more than a decade he has been creating American and military history documentary films and multi-part series covering a multitude of different subjects -- from Revolutionary and Civil War Battles to in-depth explorations of America's historical struggle with the legacy of African Slavery.

Through DVD, Blu-Ray, download, SVOD and broadcast, domestic and international audiences have viewed the 100+ hours of dramatic and documentary content Kevin has produced with his company LionHeart FilmWorks, LLC.  As a result of this exposure, Kevin has been honored with more than 70 national and international film festival and industry awards. 

Previously, Kevin Co-Produced the feature film "Field of Lost Shoes" which was released in theaters nationwide.  He also directed a national commercial spot for Time-Warner Books and author David Baldacci.

Also, Lifetime Movie Network recently aired another series directed by Kevin Hershberger -- "Killer Kids: Season Four" which was produced in partnership with Canadian Prodco Planete Bleue.

Currently, Kevin is a producer on the Independent Civil War-set feature film "Josephine" from director and writer Rory Feek.

Kevin's documentaries include:

"NASA: A Journey Through Space" 

"Special Forces: The Fight Against Terror"

"The Indian Wars: A Change of Worlds"

"The Gold Rush"

"The United States Cavalry"

"Monsters Among Us"    -- 2016 Reaper Awards WINNER! --

"Emancipation Road"

"Vietnam: 50 Years Remembered"

"Road To Ruin: The Battle of Bull Run 1861"

"Atlanta: Summer of Fire"

"The Presidents: From Politics to Power"

"Lawmen of the Old West"

"Gangster Empire"

"The United States Military: A History of Heroes"

"The Ultimate Civil War Series: 150th Anniversary Edition"

"Guns: The Evolution of Firearms"

"The Medal of Honor"

"Up From Slavery"

"Gettysburg: Darkest Days & Finest Hours"

"Von Steuben's Continentals: The First American Army"

"Yorktown 225th: Battle for Victory"