fox news channel

12 X 60 minutes

Kevin was once again privileged to work with his select creative team to bring America's greatest conflict to vivid life over 12 hours of television. This series will showcase scores of personalities like Robert E. Lee, Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson and U.S. Grant.  This was a rare and long-dreamed opportunity to bring the entire Civil War to life.  COMING IN FALL 2017...


LL patriots paul revere.jpg

"Legends & Lies: The Patriots"

Fox News Channel

Sundays at 8:00 PM

12 X 60 minutes

Kevin directed this narrative-driven, hit docu-drama anthology for FoxNews Channel and Executive Producer Bill O'Reilly.  Working with Warm Springs Productions, this challenging, character-focused series blended multiple story lines, behind-the-scenes machinations and large-canvas battles.  It is an epic journey into history, involving scores of Founding Fathers, Mothers and Patriots from the 1740s and into the early 19th century. 


"America: Facts Vs. Fiction"

American Heroes Channel

36 X 30 Minutes

Kevin has directed the live-action recreations and re-enactments for this series for the past three successful seasons.  With Workaholic Productions, Kevin, and his historical production team, expose history's surprising hidden facts, anecdotes and half-truths, with a mother lode of juicy details about our national and military's past.  This program currently airs on Discovery Network's American Hero's Channel.  With the series, Kevin has explored everything from the Salem Witch Trials... Roswell's Aliens... Napoleon Bonaparte to Bonnie & Clyde and General George S. Patton... to Pocahontas, Houdini and P.T. Barnum.


"Patriots rising: The American Revolution"

American Heroes Channel


3 X 60 minutes

Kevin received an Emmy nomination (Outstanding Lighting Direction & Scenic Design -- 36th Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards) for directing this Mini-Series for Workaholic Productions and Discovery Networks.  Structured as a well-known cinematic trilogy ("Rise of the Patriots"... "The Empire Fights Back"... "Return of the Rebels"), the series featured epically choreographed battle scenes -- all on location and with a limited production schedule and budget -- all to great effect.  This series has been very well received by the public, historians and critics.


"Legends & Lies: The Real West"

Fox News Channel

10 X 60 minutes

Kevin directed this premiere series -- with a fresh take on old western history.  Kevin expertly crafted strict attention to historical detail and satisfying action. In docu-drama style, this series was successful in the ratings and with historians with faithful presentations of ten of the old west's most notable figures (Wild Bill Hickok, Black Bart, Butch Cassidy, Billy The Kid…), debunking historical stories that have entered pop culture mythology.  Shot on location in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Texas and Arizona.


"Deadly Shootouts"


6 X 30 minutes

Kevin directed the highly-stylized and exciting reenactments for this series that digs for the answers which lie hidden beneath the settling gun smoke of history.  Kevin -- and his historical production team -- creatively brought to life these greatest gunfights and their notorious characters.  From the wild shootout at the O.K. Corral to Bonnie and Clyde’s infamous rampage… The 1946 Battle of Alcatraz to the death of Ma Barker and her gang.  History and Hollywood brought to life."





Kevin wrote, directed and produced this large-format Museum film currently screening every thirty-minutes in the state-of-the-art Minuteman Theater since summer 2012.  Visitors feel the rush of excitement as the American Revolution comes to life in this compelling, multi-sensory film that dramatically recreates the events on Lexington green -- April 19, 1775. Shot completely on location with scores of costumed actors and re-enactors, this project was faithful to historical detail, costumes as well as the record of what occurred.





10 X 60 minutes

Kevin, alongside his experienced historical production team, directed all of the historical combat re-enactments and story recreations for this ambitious, action-filled series.  The audience explores firearms and their history from the 18th century flintlock to modern sniper weapons -- including extensive recreations of both Audie Murphy's WW2 and Alvin York's WW1 Medal of Honor actions in detail.  An ambitious series with high production values from a limited budget.


"Church Secrets and LEGENDS"

travel channel

3 X 60 minutes

     Kevin Directed the detailed and multi-century dramatic recreations for this surprising series which told the story of soaring cathedrals and intimate chapels -- sanctuaries of all faiths -- which provided the stage for astonishing mysteries. From divine intervention to unholy terror.  With varied subject matter like the celebrity-filled Church of Scientology…The true story of the Salem Witch Trials... "Dagger" John Hughes and Old St. Patrick's Cathedral... and how the Grand Mosque of Paris secretly protected Jews from Nazi terror.

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"The Search For The Malta"

History channel

1 X 120 minutes

     Kevin is Directing and will Executive Produce this amazing new History Channel special which will chronicle the once in a million chance of not only finding a sunken ship full of historical treasures... but the unbelievable excavation of these treasures from a steamboat that now rests 50 feet below a Missouri cornfield.  Produced and created with David Hawley and his family who also excavated the Steamboat Aarbia (1856) in 1989. 

Airing in 2018.